We held our very first webinar on successful fundraising (in French only) recently. Our thanks to everyone who was able to join us! You’re clearly on fire and the 24h is poised to hit new heights this year. Way to go!

Special thanks to our three participants, Wolfgang, Simon and Jean-Philippe, for sharing their best fundraising tips and ideas.

If you weren’t able to join us, watch it here and be inspired by our participants and their discussions.

Want a quick recap? We have also summarized the highlights here in this blog article: read it now!

Fundamental principles:


Be bold, be ambitious and maintain the momentum during your donation drive. People are more likely to give when the target has not yet been reached.

-Know your cause!

Make the cause yours. Get to know your team’s sponsored child and share their story with potential donors. 

-Use those tools!

Make liberal use of the toolbox prepared for you by the 24h: email signature, fundraising guide…

-Put the team’s talents to use

Draw up an inventory of the aptitudes and expertise of your team members. It could lead to simple and profitable fundraising activities.

-Keyword #1: collaboration!

Make a list of potential allies for your donation drive: people who have a good network of friendships and business contacts, or partners of the company you work for. Being surrounded and mobilizing as many people as possible tends to have a snowball effect. 

Keyword #2: fun!

Organize a pleasant and positive experience for people who decide to support your donation drive. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

-Thank your donors

Make sure your thanks are prompt and personalized. Find the method that works best for you: Messenger, in comments to your fundraising posts, by email, etc. Here’s a template you can use to thank donors, courtesy of Wolfgang, captain of CRI Agence.

Share results with donors

Send supporters an email informing them of the final tally. You can include an event photo or the 24h recap video; it’s a thoughtful gesture that will help them feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves. And who knows, they could even be motivated to continue giving year after year!

Fundraising ideas

Put your strengths to good use

Hold a community workshop on a subject of your choice or sell your legendary spaghetti sauce recipe or homemade soaps; any and all fundraising ideas are worthy, and donors will enjoy getting something useful in exchange! 

Create an email communication strategy

Share your commitment with the people in your life, including the sponsored child and the foundations for which you are taking this challenge. You can reach many people at once by using the BCC function in email. (On the other hand, nothing beats personalized messages!) Send donors regular updates. Use the 24h electronic signature on your emails and add your personalized link, as well. 

-Never underestimate the power of face-to-face

When you see friends or family, tell them about the commitment you’ve made and how they can help make a difference by getting onboard with the cause.

Find sponsors

Do you have businesspeople in your circle of acquaintances? Talk to them about bartering promotion and visibility for products or services that could be useful in your donation drive (auction, prize draw, etc.) or to reduce the production costs of your fundraising events, whether they are big or small!

-Plus… during the 24h

Before your first turn on the 24h course or slope, write a post explaining the sporting challenge you are about to undertake. Encourage your contacts and followers to support you and the cause by giving during your relays. 

Quick ideas

-Apparel (e.g., jackets) sponsorship

-Golf tournament

-Theme party

-Sales of spaghetti sauce

-Workshop on a precise field of expertise

-Guerilla donation drive in the streets

-Sales of used clothing

-Festive brunch

-Mini-challenges during the 24h in exchange for donations

-Add your own ideas!

The only limit is your imagination and the resources at hand. Have fun and test new ideas! 

Take it to the next level

Read our Fundraising 101 Guide. You should find it very helpful for your donation drive.

Tell us more about you!

Do you have original fundraising ideas? We’d like to hear them. We might not be able to share all of the great initiatives participants send us, but we might be able to include yours in the next edition of our Fundraising 101 guide! Feel free to share your ideas on any of our platforms.

Happy fundraising!