Fondation 24h Tremblant pursues its core goal through the donations raised at Tremblant’s 24h: to further the cause of children’s wellbeing. That means every dollar is of great importance.

So far, proceeds of over $28 million have been turned over to the three foundations working toward that cause: Fondation Charles-Bruneau, Fondation Tremblant, and the Ottawa Senators Foundation.

Here is a first portrait of our primary beneficiary, Fondation Charles-Bruneau.

 More than 2,000 children are living with a form of cancer in Quebec today, and close to 300 new cases are diagnosed each year. By contributing to Tremblant’s 24h, you are making a difference.

Your donations fund research into a cure for the 20% of children whose cancer resists treatment, and giving those in remission a real cure without aftereffects or complications.

Promising research projects

Chemotherapy treatments are toxic, which is good for killing cancer cells but very damaging to the rest of the patient’s body. The same goes for radiation therapy, which works aggressively on cancer cells but also affects the healthy cells in its path over the long term.

This is why targeted therapy, which attacks only the cancer cells, looks promising as a treatment worth developing. Children with cancer, like Kenley, can hope to lead a more normal life after targeted therapy treatment.



The pivot nurse: Essential at work and in the community

One of the first people our sponsored children mention during the 24h is their pivot nurse. A case in point is the close relationship that has been forged between Naomie and her oncology nurse Émilie, who has cared for her young patient from the very start. The pivot nurse is a crucial resource for families and children dealing with the disease.

In fact, these nurses have formed their own 24h teams for several years now. Pivot nurses are the living embodiment of our slogan, “Motivated by the children!” – both in and beyond their work environment. We are very happy to have them with us in the 24h community.


Healing more children, better

Yasmine has been having radiotherapy treatments since June and is already feeling the side effects: memory loss, mood swings, and more. She is among the approximately one-third of children who’ve been cured but live with serious aftereffects caused by radiation and chemo treatments. Another third experience mild side effects and about one-third are able to lead normal lives. Research into reducing the side effects of cancer therapies is crucial to bettering the wellbeing of children battling cancer.



Cutting-edge facilities

Children who are battling cancer are known to have drastically weakened immune systems – an aftereffect of aggressive chemotherapy treatment. This reality underscores the importance of access to timely medical care and to a safe and clean environment equipped with the latest technology. Sponsored child Hamza had the benefit of a top-quality transplant facility for her operation and now looks hopefully to a healthy future. This is one of the projects being supported by Tremblant’s 24h at Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau.


 A satellite pharmacy to make life easier

As Sara’s mom tells us in the clip below, a child with cancer takes more medications than most of us mere mortals could even imagine. Fortunately, a satellite pharmacy was set up atfor the young patients at the hemato-oncology unit atCentre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau. Withwarm, personalized and direct service, families like Sara’s receive the support they need as they undergo their ordeal.