Responding to COVID-19 means not ignoring it. Responding to COVID-19 means confronting it head-on. It seems to us that COVID-19 is a great test of solidarity; this pandemic seems to be challenging us to pull together and provide mutual aid and support to each other in these difficult times.

The impact of the crisis on charities cannot be overstated. The effects of the pandemic are being felt in philanthropical circles worldwide, with many organizations seeing drastic drops in donations and painful losses of revenue. The crisis has also spawned its share of human resource challenges, both in personnel management and volunteer resources. The impact is human, and the pressing concern of organizations is to continue to help, their priority still to pursue their mission and adapt their services to the situation and to today’s needs.

Foundations that benefit from 24h funds have worked tirelessly for children during the pandemic, and will continue to do so afterward.

Cancer doesn’t take breaks; nor do the needs of our most impoverished.

Whether it’s emergency aid to ensure food security; help for children with special needs and people living with anxiety; youth suicide prevention; or financial support of promising research into pediatric cancer: the needs are many and urgent.

Rather than focus on the uncertainties of the present moment, we prefer to rally our community. More than ever, children need a strong and supportive community that is dedicated to the cause and there to provide support, either with a donation or active participation in the event.

We believe that in this era of COVID-19, the bond and the strength that unite people around the 24h is key to creating this remarkable wave of solidarity for children’s causes.

Stronger together!