How much do you know about Fondation Tremblant? Supported by Tremblant’s 24h since its inception, the foundation operates independently of Mont Tremblant Resort and Fondation 24h Tremblant, and works on behalf of youth ages 18 and under in the MRC des Laurentides.


In 2017, Tremblant’s 24h turned over more than $360,000 in donations to Fondation Tremblant to help it pursue its mission!


Why Fondation Tremblant was created

How and why was Fondation Tremblant created? The organization was established to assist underprivileged children in the MRC des Laurentides, to ensure that they have a better quality of life and help them achieve their full potential in sports, education, culture and the arts. It would be easy to think that families living in the Laurentians are all well-off, but beyond the desirable, wealthy areas, some 20% of the region’s youth, from birth to age 19, are living without adequate material or social resources. These limitations create impediments to the healthy development of children and teens.*

The foremost problems in the MRC are single parenthood, youth crime, family issues requiring intervention by CPS workers, drug and alcohol dependencies and a prevalence of mental health and ADHD issues.


Who does Fondation Tremblant support?

Fondation Tremblant plays a pivotal role on several levels by allocating donations to projects that are deemed the most pertinent and urgent from those submitted by registered charitable organizations in MRC des Laurentides.

As such, the foundation’s scope of intervention is quite large, but is not limited just to the above-mentioned issues. Emphasis is also put on education and on enhancement of the social environment. Some of the organizations supported by donations undertake a variety of initiatives, such as giving extra help at the start of each new school year, providing winter clothing to those in need, and maintaining an emergency fund for schools and daycare centres.


Here are a few of the amazing projects made possible in large part by your donations to the 2017 edition of Tremblant’s 24h: 

The purchase of teaching materials for a new kindergarten class at École Le Tremplin

The survival of the summer camp run by Maison de la Famille du Nord, which accommodates 35 campers each year

A teacher to work with eight intellectually challenged youngsters for one year

Music therapy for children on the autism spectrum

Hundreds of lunch boxes, breakfasts and snacks handed out in different schools


How are the funds distributed?

Organizations seeking financial support in the form of donations are asked to submit up to three projects each, ranked by order of priority. The foundation evaluates each request and selects recipients for the year in progress.

For more information about Fondation Tremblant and its grants program, visit the website.

Fondation Tremblant

Each year, as a new edition of the 24h kicks off, Fondation Tremblant announces its annual donations at the 24h venue in Tremblant. This ceremony is well worth attending. It is incredibly heart-warming to see such goodwill and joy!


*Data from the CIUSSS des Laurentides website.