The kids were having a great time, happy to be there and to have the chance to use their brand-new skates and helmets on a midtown skating rink in Aylmer, Ontario last February 12. Without the I Love to Skate program initiated by the Ottawa Senators Foundation, these children’s families would not have been able to afford to buy winter sports equipment.

Built this winter, the rink is the fruit of a partnership between Tremblant’s 24h and the Ottawa Senators Foundation, and it has been a big hit so far. Furthermore, 50 Aylmer children signed up for the skating lessons taught by Hockey Outaouais instructors. With this initiative, the Sens Foundation helps make winter sports accessible to all and, particularly, ensures that youths aren’t excluded from social activities because they don’t have the equipment.

In partnership with Canadian Tire Jumpstart and the City of Ottawa the I Love to Skate Program aids communities where children may encounter barriers to physical activity opportunities due to financial constraints or a lack of volunteer support in the community.

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We are proud of the results of our teamwork and wish the children of Aylmer a great time on their rink!

Tremblant’s 24h