Author: roxanne synette

7 tips and ideas for organizing a fundraising activity

1. Find a good idea Think of something that’s in keeping with your personality and tastes. The more fun you get out of it, the easier it will be to convince donors. A few ideas: Virtual auction: Ask an artist or a partner to donate an item free, or at a discount, then put it up for auction Course or lessons in exchange for a donation – If you have a talent to share – cooking, yoga, Zumba, music – teach it to someone and raise funds that way! Virtual dinner – Your favourite restaurant has agreed to donate...

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The results of 20 years of solidarity… 20 years of history!

To mark the 20th anniversary of Tremblant’s 24h is to relive the stories of those thousands of children and their families who, over the years, waged the battle of a lifetime. Many of those people shared their stories with us. They courageously described their daily trials: dealing with illness, feeling different because of it. As time passed, those stories also became the story of the 24h. Over the last 20 years, some children won the battle; others, sadly, did not. But above all, in those same 20 years, thousands of big-hearted individuals pushed their limits to collectively make a...

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The children need you more than ever.

Responding to COVID-19 means not ignoring it. Responding to COVID-19 means confronting it head-on. It seems to us that COVID-19 is a great test of solidarity; this pandemic seems to be challenging us to pull together and provide mutual aid and support to each other in these difficult times. The impact of the crisis on charities cannot be overstated. The effects of the pandemic are being felt in philanthropical circles worldwide, with many organizations seeing drastic drops in donations and painful losses of revenue. The crisis has also spawned its share of human resource challenges, both in personnel management...

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