1. Find a good idea

Think of something that’s in keeping with your personality and tastes. The more fun you get out of it, the easier it will be to convince donors.
A few ideas:

  • Virtual auction: Ask an artist or a partner to donate an item free, or at a discount, then put it up for auction
  • Course or lessons in exchange for a donation – If you have a talent to share – cooking, yoga, Zumba, music – teach it to someone and raise funds that way!
  • Virtual dinner – Your favourite restaurant has agreed to donate to your cause by offering meals at cost. Get your donors to order a takeout meal at the regular price. Take the idea one step further by dining “together” (virtually)!
  • Sell online – the traditional yard sale can be done virtually on Facebook’s Marketplace.
  • Replace the traditional spaghetti dinner fundraiser with a sale of bottled spaghetti sauce
  • Bake sale – Bake cookies, cupcakes or any other kind of pastry and sell them at a fixed price, or ask for a donation.
  • Online beer or wine-tasting (video teleconference)
  • Sell tickets and hold an online draw
  • Have fun with an online bingo game
  • Use your professional network – Is your company organizing a series of virtual Happy Hour get-togethers? Suggest an admission fee and door prize for the cause.

The only limit is your own imagination!

2. Use the online tools we’ve listed below

Ticket sale with virtual draw

Virtual auction

Virtual bingo

Online conferencing tools
• Zoom
• Google Meet
• Facebook Live
• Etc.

3. Expand your network

Never underestimate the size of your network. Don’t be shy about asking a neighbour, your hair stylist, or the cashier at the local convenience store. They might not only be interested in supporting your donation drive – they could also be great promoters of your cause and fundraising activities in their own social networks!

4. Use your time efficiently

It is important to be realistic about the amount of time your teammates can devote to your donation drive. Strive for the best time/profit ratio.

5. Opt for pre-sales

Here’s a tip for minimizing the impact of cancellations and losses when people don’t show up – even to a virtual activity! A smart tactic is to sell same-day tickets at a higher price.

6. Make a budget

Making a budget plan is crucial to the success of an activity. Always keep in mind that the goal is to raise as much money as possible at the lowest cost. Make sure your budget is realistic. Here’s a tip: trim your costs by daring to ask. You can organize prize draws for gifts, goods, and services and even offer visibility in exchange.

7. Thank your donors

This is a crucial step. Donors will remember your courtesy the next time you ask. Send them a photo after the activity and mention the total amount you were able to raise.