Written by Émilie Brousseau, Loudovick’s mom


I can clearly remember the day we received our son’s diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It was like being punched in the stomach but mixed with relief because finally we could put a name to what made him different!


Living with autism: A routine that comes with challenges

We are fortunate that Loudovick has high-functioning autism, which means that he can function well in society. People tend to have an image of what a person living with autism is like; Loudovick is not that. He attends regular class at school, he speaks well, he can make jokes. It is impossible to tell at first glance that he lives with autism spectrum disorder.

His disorder comes with some particular challenges, however. Routines are crucial in order for Loudovick to function well and not become too disorganized. External stimuli are hard for him to manage; he is hypersensitive to noise, light, and the motions of other people whenever he is with a large group. For him, it’s physically painful.


To better understand Loudovick…

For Loudovick, eating lunch in the school cafeteria is still impossible. He also has trouble connecting with others, and finds it difficult to read non-verbal language and facial expressions.

His limited and unusual interests also mean that he’s never had many friends. Usually, a seven-year-old boy is into Spiderman comics; Loudovick loved The Weather Network. Suffice it to say that this curtailed conversations with other kids.

Today, his passions are politics and sports analyses, and it’s hard to find adolescents who share his interests. As such, he has always found it easier to connect with adults.

But ASD also has its positive aspects. It has made him an inquisitive, passionate, and highly cultivated person. His memory is quite impressive when it comes to the issues that interest him. The kids in his primary school described him as a walking encyclopedia.


Notice that I don’t say my son is autistic or “on the spectrum.” I say he has or lives with an ASD, because the ASD is not what defines him; it’s a condition he lives with.


The 24h: A moving expression of love

For Loudovick, being a representative of Fondation Tremblant is a wonderful experience! He really loved the video shoot, the official launch and his banner. One night when I was reading comments people had left on his video, he said, almost tearfully,

“Mom, that is so nice and so much fun that people who don’t even know me are taking the time to encourage me to follow my dreams.”

Personally, I’m truly moved by all this positive attention. Usually, when we hear or talk about sick or special-needs children, it’s rarely related to something positive. But with everything around the Tremblant’s 24h experience, we feel for the first time that the differences my son lives with are related to something positive, and that feels good!


How are 24h donations helping Loudovick?

Tremblant’s 24h donations have enabled my son, through various organizations he deals with, to participate in many activities that have fostered his social and personal development.

Some of the activities that have helped his social integration are individual music lessons adapted to his needs, and access to outdoor playground equipment so that he could interact with other kids his age through play.

He has also had access to a computer room, where he could do research on his favourite subjects and other projects that help his integration into a group, look for new areas of interest, and broaden his vision and interest in the outside world.


Crucial financial support for the region

The funds that Tremblant’s 24h grants to Fondation Tremblant – and therefore to our community – are crucial to the implementation of many projects in our vast region. Without this financial support, several community organizations in the MRC des Laurentides would not be able to improve their service offers; some would even be forced to shut their doors completely. If it weren’t for the funds the 24h remits to Fondation Tremblant, many children who make use of those organizations would not have the financial means to access those services, activities, lessons and projects. That’s why the event is such a priceless resource for us!


I’ll take this opportunity to thank the big Tremblant’s 24h family. Thank you for giving sponsored children a chance to have this marvellous experience. Thank you for accepting their needs and differences. On behalf of the many children who enjoy the results of the donations, a heartfelt thank you to all the donors!

We thank the entire Tremblant’s 24h community for supporting children’s causes!