Sometimes, in order to move forward, we need to look back to where we started from. With emotion, humility and optimism, Pierre Bruneau looks back on a cause which, as he says so aptly, has transcended what it was originally.
Today, when we hear the name “Charles Bruneau,” what first comes to mind is no longer just the little boy with big dreams and a heart of gold. The name has also become synonymous with a cause that took root and blossomed into something that led to spectacular medical advances.

Pediatric cancers, of which so little was known at first, is now better understood by medical personnel and the subject of much promising research. For that reason, we are proud to announce that 80% of childhood cancers can now be cured. This remarkable statistic is more than just a dry number. It is the legacy of young Charles; it is our raison d’être and why we look to the future with our heads held high and confident hearts.

To our thousands of donors and participants, thank you for making a difference in children’s lives. We can’t say it enough: together, we are stronger!