Charlie now, in remission, since April this year.

Do you know the difference between cure and remission?

What a relief it is when a family can say, loud and clear: My child is cured!

A young patient is said to be “in remission” if, during medical exams, no more cancerous cells can be detected in his body. However, we only speak of recovery after an additional period of time that varies according to the type of cancer.

For example, for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common pediatric cancer, treatment will go on for 2 years. It is following this that the child will be in remission and that, 5 years later, he will be cured. At that point, his chances of developing a second cancer are the same as for any other child.

Cover picture: Charlie, in 2015, when she was fighting a leukemia, as a Tremblant’s 24h sponsored kid.